City of Calvert cancels May election

Melissa Freeman

Staff Writer

The Calvert City Council met in regular session Monday night to receive a positive report from Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, its delinquent tax collection agent. Representatives from the firm stated that collections at the end of December were up by 28%, from $139,101.32 at the end of 2011 to $176,762.49 at 2012’s close. In addition, over 42 struck off properties had been sold adding $131,302 in taxable value to the city/school district tax rolls. The city will also save money by not having to hold a city election; both incumbents are unopposed. In addition to this good news, City Superintendent Kevin O’Carroll said that the city’s purchase of a used Tahoe for the Police Department for $2,000 had proven to be a good one. The vehicle had been refurbished at minimal cost and it ran very well. Also, all legal problems with the state over the removal of houses on city lots (problems with asbestos abatement, etc.) had been cleared up and the state National Guard would be called back to remove additional dilapidated structures on abandoned lots. On a sadder note, O’Carroll reported that city employee Carol Schneiderheinz would be retiring in May but that she would train her replacement before leaving the city office. He had also learned of an additional fee the city would have to pay—between $6,000 and $6,500--to renew its waste water treatment permit. He said he had no doubt the city would pass this permit inspection after recent improvements to its waste water treatment facility. Police Chief Nancy Juvrud reported that “it’s been a good month,” referring to February’s accomplishments. The used Tahoe looks and runs like new and will be fully in service after the radio is installed, a new Tahoe is on the way, and the Calvert PD is engaged in “Active Shooter” training, some of which will be conducted at the Calvert school campus during spring break. It will also train with the new county DA to learn how to write reports for the DA’s office. Working with DA Siegert has been a very positive experience since he has been quick to respond to the city’s needs, reported Juvrud. CPD issued 256 tickets for February. “It was a good month and we hope to keep going,” concluded Juvrud. Since no one had filed to run against council persons Barry Satterwhite and Gilsie Wiese in the May city elections, the council voted to cancel the election. The panel tabled an executive session since the principles were not in attendance, and the council adjourned its March meeting.

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