Local Judge attends seminar

Laura Chesner

Staff Writer


Local Justice of the Peace, Ramona Aguirre, was certified at the recent 20 hour Justice of the Peace seminar held February 26 – March 1 in Austin. The seminar addressed topics such as enforcing criminal judgments, tenants’ remedies, criminal and civil procedure, technology and social media, evictions, enforcement in juvenile cases and juvenile case managers and a host of other topics. The seminar, sponsored by Texas Justice Court Training Center, a division of Texas State University – San Marcos, allowed Aguirre to fulfill her Continuing Judicial Education requirements. The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas, Inc. (JPCA) has been involved in providing judicial education since 1958. In those early years, participating justices of the peace paid their own training expenses (training was voluntary), and the only source of justice of the peace education in Texas was the Texas A & M University Police Academy in College Station. Using pass-through federal funds, the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office awarded JPCA a grant in 1971 to fund the administration of its judicial education program and the Texas Justice Court Training Center was born. JPCA then hired an Executive Director to oversee the program and contracted with Lamar Tech University in Beaumont to house and administer the grant. The Governor’s Office ceased judicial training grant funding in 1985; at that time, the Texas Supreme Court was put in charge of making grants from the judicial and court personnel training program fund. The Supreme Court handled the program until 1993 at which time the Legislature moved the grant funding to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The seminar is intended to give elected officials, such as Justices of the Peace; the ability to continue their education and fulfill state mandated training hours.

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