Calvert Trade Days

Photo by Laura Chesner / Robertson County News - Miss Burnett tidies up her booth that she runs with her mom, Helene, full of preserves and beautiful needlepoint pillowcases.

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

Last June, the Calvert Chamber of Commerce decided to try something new that would bring new people to town. Calvert Trade Days started with about ten vendors and about 100 guests. The next Trade Days, planned for September, also drew quite a good crowd to town and the Chamber decided that it would be a good idea to make the event monthly. In October, the Trade Days moved to a regular third Saturday event and has continued to grow ever since.
The Calvert Chamber wanted to make Trade Days an event that would showcase the eclectic nature of the town by showcasing various artists and crafters from around the state. Vendors at Trade Days showcase everything from antiques and house wares to clothing and jewelry. The first rule of a good vending event is repeat business. You want to have the same vendors come back month after month, because a good vendor with good product will bring the business to the event. Trade Days in Calvert has approximately half a dozen repeat vendors who have been bringing their style and flair to Calvert Trade Days every month. Ellen Jones, with Night Owl Craft, is a local favorite at Trade Days. Her jewelry made of semi-precious stones; precious metals, pendants and glass have been a crowd favorite from the beginning of Trade Days. The Calvert Historical Society also regularly has a booth at Trade Days to promote Calvert events, historical sites and the city itself.
Also important to a successful venue is variety. Calvert Trade Days offers variety in excess. There is jewelry, clothing, antiques, vitamins, plants, fragrances, candles, needlecraft, preserves and much more to be seen at Trade Days. Food vendors have been getting into the act lately. The staff of Sylvia’s Roasted Corn was all smiles at the March Trade Days event as they fed the crowds with their delicious product.
Marty Porter of the Calvert Chamber of Commerce said, “Consistency is key to the success of this event.” Someone from the chamber is always available at set-up time to help vendors organize and set-up. Prices on booths are set and cost-effective so that vendors are encouraged to come, stay and make money. Stores, restaurants and businesses downtown benefit from the increased traffic in the area and some have even joined in the festivities by having sidewalk sales or specials to draw in the extra guests. Balloons, sandwich boards and colorful displays adorn Calvert’s downtown sidewalks to draw the eye of passing motorists to come and enjoy the Saturday event. If you haven’t been to Trade Days in Calvert, then don’t miss out on the next one; April 20 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Chamber of Commerce lot behind Mud Creek Pottery.

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