Hennigan arrested on voter fraud charges - County DA lands victory against voter fraud

Alvin Maurice Hennigan

Dennis Phillips



Robertson County DA / CA W. Coty Siegert filled and presented charges to the Robertson County Grand Jury during the January meeting for Illegal Voting in Robertson County. Siegert has made voter fraud within the county a priority, searching recently cast illegal ballots. That investigation is ongoing and Siegert could not comment to the status. In what appears to be the first charge, Alvin Maurice Hennigan, a convicted felon on parole knowingly cast a vote or attempted to cast a vote that he was not eligible to do so. Robertson County Grand Jury agreed that the county DA’s office provided enough evidence and leveled the charge against Hennigan. Hennigan has been arrested according to the DA’s office. Voter fraud, a hot button topic for the county as well as the state of Texas has in recent years been the focus of the Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbot’s office. While Abbot has presented many facts in open trial regarding deceased voters on the Texas voter roll, voter ID reform has not been amended to include a stat issued ID card or drivers license as of yet. Abbott continues to argue for the reform of voting laws, including a recent lawsuit filled where Abbott presents the argument that the US Supreme Court ruled that voter ID requirements as outlined by the State of Texas are constitutional.

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