The Dance Room

Local Photo / Robertson County News - Heather Manuka and Priscilla Siegert participated in the BCS 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' 5K this past weekend.

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

Heather Manuka grew up loving dance. She started competing at the age of eleven and winning almost as quickly as she began. She went out into the world and continued dancing, and started a family. In 2010, Manuka came home to Robertson County from Temple to live and to share her love of dance with others.
The Dance Room is a great place for any person who wants to study dance. Manuka offers beginner through advanced classes in all the classical forms of dance such as ballet and tap. She also throws in modern dances like hip-hop as well. Kids can start as early as 2 years old learning movement and fitness. Her young dance devotees perform a few times a year for parents friends and the community. The dancers will be doing their annual spring show at Franklin High school on May 4 at 6:30. If you can’t make the show, catch a preview at the Franklin Downtown Festival earlier that day.
Manuka is also very enthusiastic about fitness and when the Zumba method of exercise came about, it seemed like a perfect fit. Zumba is an exercise routine that is based on dance styles like rumba, tango and Maringa that emphasizes stretching and movement. She teaches several levels of Zumba for kids and adults. Priscilla Siegert, Franklin Middle School librarian, said “She has been an inspiration to me to keep me exercising for a healthier life. Our school employees receive a discount from her for Zumba classes and they are awesome! She makes it so fun and I look forward to the two days a week that we meet.”
On top of being a dancer, a teacher and a mom, Manuka is also a runner. Last weekend she and several Franklin friends dressed up in their best 80’s gear and ran in the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” 5K in College Station. “I was so proud of what we accomplished and it was so great seeing Franklin represented so well at the run,” said Masuka.

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