Oh, what a fair it was

Connie and JJ the lizard had a great time at the fair.

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

The Robertson County Youth Fair and Auction has been a huge event for this community for almost 50 years. What started as a small livestock show has grown into a large community event for all ages. It has grown to include educational programs such as science fair and academic rodeo and it is a great way for young people in Robertson County to educate themselves about agricultural techniques and responsible ranching.
Every year young people distinguish themselves with their abilities in science, food, arts and crafts and raising animals. The staff of Robertson County News was proud to watch these young men and women distinguish themselves and we were proud to be able to document their achievements. Next week’s paper will include results, photos and stories that reflect the importance of this event to the county.
We will also be including thank you ads from students who wish to thank those sponsors who made this event possible and to the amazing businesses and individuals who supported them during the auction. If you would like to place a thank you ad, please call the office at 979-279-3411 or email Teresa at ads@robconews.com

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