New phrase, old habit

I love learning new things, and this week I learned a new phrase for an old habit.
Most of us watch a little TV. My grandmother use to call soaps her “programs.” Each day, she would tune into her programs and follow the story line. She did this up until the day she passed away.
For the working stiff, television has evolved; now our “programs” are aired at night. Dramas, reality TV, sitcoms, a new name for an old habit.
Let’s face it, since the invention of television, people have been loyal, following a program to the bitter end. How many original episodes of M*A*S*H have you seen?
The old habit has a new trick, and a new phrase. American’s are now turned on by the ability to binge on their favorite programs.
With the addition of digital television has come a whole new way of watching and keeping track of your favorite show.
Many new digital services like HULU, Amazon and Netflix allows viewers the ability to watch their show, without commercials, in back-to-back episode format.
What would my grandmother think of that? For more than 30-years, everyday, 2 p.m., Guiding Light. That is a lot of time and dedication to a program.
Now enter a new age. What would my grandmother think if she could just load up season 1 of the Guiding Light and stream the show to her television, non-stop until she viewed all 38 years worth? She would lock herself in the house for at least a couple of weeks.
Television has created a monster with this latest development. They have turned their own revenue stream into something evil.
Now, you can pay a service fee and skip commercials altogether.
I pay $70.00 a year for Amazon Prime, which streams all the episodes I want, without commercials.
It makes me wonder, if you are selling commercials for TV, how do you get past that? No one likes to watch six of seven commercials every 14 minutes of airtime. With the exception of the news, how do you compete against yourself and sell airtime that no one is watching?
Two weeks ago I finished watching every single season of Survivor. All 25 seasons! Not a single commercial or interruption, just straight Survivor. Do you like CSI? Well, it is there as well, all of them, no commercials.
So now I’m caught up and I record with my DVR the new season. When I watch a new episode, I just fast forward the commercials.
This is especially cool while watching a football game. I can watch an entire 3-hour NFL game in just under 40 minutes. Since I buy the NFL package each year and record all the games, it is my own personal NFL buffet without interruption, unless of course I turn on Sports Center and see the scores. No one wants to watch a game when they know the outcome.
So TV viewers, if you have not discovered “binge TV”, I hope I have helped you along the path. It is cheaper than a movie and with a little remote control work, faster than network TV.
As for my grandmother, it is probably a good thing she missed this development because she also followed four of five other daytime “programs” and we would have lost her to the couch for at least a year.

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