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Joe Bill Foster of Titan Security Solutions

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

In 1997, Joe Bill Foster needed to make some extra money while he was working on a ranch. A good friend told him about a great way to make some extra money and help people as well by installing security systems. After working for another company for 2 years, Foster decided to go full-time with Titan security systems.
Titan is a locally authorized dealer of ADT security systems. The systems start as low as $99.00 and can be customised to the needs of the client. They can include such safety features as remote control door locks and sensors, remote warning devices, motion detection alarms and cameras and even panic buttons to remotely alert police. All of these systems come with a direct line to the ADT operator who will notify you if the alarm is triggered and contact the police to respond to any dangers.
In order to determine what each client needs, Titan offers a free basic inspection of the space and will offer recommendations based on the needs of the client.
Foster is full of safety tips that cost you nothing. He is always happy to help people stay safe in their homes and offices. For example, did you know that burglars could easily access the emergency release on an automatic garage door? If you remove the rope and replace it with a wire hangar, it is much less accessible to burglars. Also, bushes in front of windows are great for privacy, but also great places for potential burglars to hide. Make sure to keep bushes low and trimmed.
Foster is proud that he has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for 10 years and has never had a complaint. He takes pride in ensuring the safety and security of his clients. He is a Robertson County native and his parents were born and raised in Calvert. He feels a deep connection to his neighborhood and the people he is trying to help. Foster and Titan would like to help you feel safer in your home or office. To schedule an inspection and assessment, call Titan at 979-774-SAFE (7233). It’s an investment in safety.

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