HISD welcomes newest member of team

Hearne ISD would like to welcome Joyce Toney, new Assistant Superintendant, to Hearne and the District.

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

Norris McDaniel loves Hearne schools and loves working for the children who attend them. He has retired twice from HISD and twice he has returned to work for the district when called upon. However, he would be happy to spend time with his wife and family in retirement if someone could be found to take over his position. Finally, Mr. McDaniel may just get to retire - meet Joyce Toney.
Joyce Toney went to grew up in Texas City and graduated from Texas A&M Texarcana, where she met her husband. Toney is a wife and mother of 5 adult children – two of whom are studying to become teachers and one who already teachers.
Mrs. Toney comes to HISD from Hempstead where she worked for 8 years in school administration. She was the principal at Hempstead Elementary for 6 years and then at Hempstead High School for 2 years. She loves being a part of student life and hopes to continue that here in Hearne. “Expect to see me at football games, county fair and UIL events rooting for our kids,” said Toney
Her main goal at Hearne ISD is to learn what she can from those who came before her and to continue what seems to be working at HISD. “I’m excited to be here in this great city. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I am looking forward to getting to work with these lovely and dedicated folks,” said Toney. Eventually, when she and the School Board feels she is ready, she will take over as Superintendant for the District and Mr. McDaniel will finally get to retire.

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