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In cooperation with Microsoft® and the U.S. Department of Labor, Workforce Solutions is offering U.S. military veterans and their eligible spouses access to no-cost IT skills training and certification designed to help build the skills employers want.
More than 50% of today’s jobs require some technology skills, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that number will grow to 77% in the next decade. Whether individuals are interested in building their Windows and Office skills, or growing their IT Professional skills, the Microsoft Elevate America program can help.
Through the Elevate America veteran’s initiative, veterans and their eligible spouses can receive no-cost online training to build their skills in selected Microsoft technologies, plus industry-recognized certification exams to demonstrate their skills to employers.
Available training includes Intermediate level Windows 7 and Office 2010 and Advanced level IT Professional Level.
All courses and test-prep are self-guided and online. The certification exam must be completed in person. To be eligible for this Microsoft training, customers must be a military veteran or eligible spouse and meet basic eligibility requirements for WIA, which includes citizenship, age, and selective service registration. Training available includes Intermediate Training on Windows 7 and/or Office 2010 and Advanced - IT Professional Training. Information about obtaining vouchers to participate in this program is available at the Brazos Valley Workforce Center.
Microsoft is providing two types of vouchers-Intermediate Office 2010 and Advance IT Professional for veterans and their eligible spouses. The testing facility may charge a small proctoring fee, which is not covered by the voucher.
In order to take advantage of this program, individuals must meet the following criteria:
1. Be a military veteran or eligible spouse
2. Authorized to work in the United States
3. Age 18 or over
4. Selective service registration
Please pass this information and attached flyer to veterans or eligible spouses of a veteran who are interested in obtaining this certification. Contact Kelli Mefford at 1-800-386-7200, extension 2104 with questions about the program.

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