“Small Town Sista” receives donation from Alderwoman Vaughn

Maxine Vaughn delivers a $400.00 donation to “Small Town Sista”

Laura Chesner
Staff Writer

When Kenetra Wafford found out she had cancer, she like most people, was scared, angry and afraid. She didn’t want to tell anyone about what was happening, she didn’t want to be a burden and she didn’t really know where to turn. Then she was introduced to her “patient navigator” who helped walk her through the process of treatment and recovery. As she healed, she realized she needed to help others to find resources for recovery, too. “Small Town Sista” is her way of helping others through the process.
The organization is very new and has only just begun to do the work. Wafford, along with Kathy Gomez and LaShunda Flowers, have been helping those with cancer through the process of recovery. The organization buys gas cards or provides rides to and from treatment, they donate money or supplies to those who can’t afford it and they even just sit and visit with patients. “When I finally told my congregation what was happening to me, they really helped me through it – some of them simply by sitting and chatting with me,” said Wafford.
Councilwoman Maxine Vaughn was introduced to Wafford by Mayor Gomez who felt the two ladies could do big things together. As a 9-year survivor of cancer herself, Vaughn knew she had found a good organization to support. On Tuesday, April 30, Councilwoman Vaughn donated $400.00 to “Small Town Sista” to keep the good work going.
If you would like to help or know of someone who could use the services of “Small Town Sista” you can write them an email at kenetrawafford@gmail.com

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