Franklin Middle School students give back to their community

Back row; Thurman Richards, Brooklyn Mack, Cary Jo Conn, Kristin Leamon, Mikki Cole, Grace Crow, Karly Leamon, Makinzie Tomascik, Colton Shields, Rylee Psencik, Bekah Wallace and John Brewster, Front row: Kylie Brantner, Reagan Hood, Natalie Philipello, Blake Leamon, Luke Ely, Jace Leamon

The student council at Franklin Middle School is big on service to their community. From taking up donations for West, to raising money for leukemia, these kids are serious about giving back. On April 26, sponsor Priscilla Siegert, and the FMS student council descended upon the Franklin Food Bank and Community Garden with some energy and the will to serve. The young people helped organize shelves, water and weed the garden and even took some time to learn a few gardening techniques. Siegert said, “I was so proud of them for getting down in the dirt to pull weeds.” 

Thurman Richards and John Brewster were extremely grateful for the help and hopes that they kids had a good time while they were there. “It was a blessing to have them here. They were helpful, respectful and they seemed to have a good time,” said Richards. The Food Bank feeds approximately 40 to 45 families per week and the community garden helps supplement the food bank with fresh produce.

Richards said that volunteers have slowed down and that the giving hasn't so help is always welcome. If you want to help with the Franklin Food Bank or the community garden, contact Thurman Richards at 979-676-0416 and he’ll be glad to put you to work for the Franklin community.



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