A legend passes leaving his music for us all George Jones 1931-2013


Born September 12, 1931, George Glenn Jones passed away April 26, 2013 leaving a legacy of country music that inspired generations of musicians and earned millions of fans. Born in Saratoga, Jones was raised in Vidor, Texas with 6 siblings. At age nine, Jones received his first guitar as a present from his parents, soon after he was singing for coins on the streets of Beaumont. Jones landed his first gig at 16, a radio station in Jasper where he would perform live over the Texas radio waves.

Jones would enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps. Soon after the Korean War started, stationed in California, his music career would launch not long after his discharge.

Jones personality was best summed up by his alcoholism; which more often than not were the basis of well-documented antics by the country superstar.

Jones recalled in an interview when asked about his drinking a story of his second wife hiding all the keys to all the cars the family owned to keep Jones from buying alcohol. The liquor store was eight miles away and she knew Jones would not travel that far on foot. "That's when I saw it, a gleaming riding lawn mower in my yard, keys in the ignition. Top speed was 5 miles an hour and it took me an hour and a half to get there, but get there I did."

While his personal was the brunt of many funny stories, his music and his love of music was nothing short of extraordinary.

Jones married four times throughout his life including country superstar Tammy Wynette whom he created some of country music’s most memorable duets including chart toppers, "The Ceremony", "Golden Ring", and "Near You." Wynette passed away on April 6, 1998 after recording four decades of country chart topers including "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" which was inspired by her professional and marital break-up with Jones.

After 60 years of music, Jones leaves a whole in the country music world that will never be filled again. Twitter goodbyes and Facebook posts online are overwhelming and include posts from artist young, and old. Such farewells include, "RIP in George Jones THANK YOU for everything!” said George Strait. "God bless the gift George Jones shared with us. That voice will live on forever,” echoed Miranda Lambert.

Though it has been 60 years in the making the loss of Joes is felt throughout music and even Heavy Metal rocker Nikki Sixx and Southern Rocker's Lynyrd Skynyrd both posted their goodbyes, citing Jones influence over their own brand of music.

Jones scored his first big hit in 1966 with his first number one, "I'm a people.” He would add many more throughout his career including, "He stopped Loving Her Today," Jones reply to Wynette's divorce hit.

Through the 2000's Jones focused on his gospel singing returning to his family roots and his praise / country with a voice that was simple put, George Jones.

We will miss you and remember your music in our hearts.


Dennis Phillips / news@robconews.com

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