Zero Tolerance Club at Hearne High kicks butts – cigarette butts

Jorge focuses carefully before he pitches the ball to Coach McGrew.


Project Galactimo, Robertson County Community Coalition, Hearne High School’s Zero Tolerance Club and Boys and Girls Club Robertson County worked together to put together a fun way to kick out tobacco use in Robertson County Teens – a students vs. teacher kickball game. Students from the Zero-Tolerance Club and Project Galactimo made up the students team, while the teacher’s team included coaches, counselors and teachers of all kinds of subjects from Hearne High.

The students enjoyed watching the game and also learning from mini-games played throughout the day that highlighted the dangers of smoking. Winning prizes for their participation made the games even more fun and competitive.

Students and teachers alike exchanged smack-talk and good sportsmanship during the game. “It’s always easier to learn valuable lessons when there is fun involved,” says Mike Chism of the RCCC. Chism lead the kids in the mini-games and introduced the students and teachers as they approached the plate for their turn to kick.

Congratulations to the teachers for their narrow win (one point) over the students.


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