Preliminary TAAKS scores give Hearne ISD administration reason to cheer


The preliminary TAAKS scores for the last group of Juniors to ever take the test have been released and Hearne High’s eleventh graders have given their teachers, administrators and counselors something to cheer about.  Scores have increased straight across the board in all sections of the TAAKS.

In Math, scores saw a 5% increase over last year. There was an 82% passing rate with 12% of students getting high enough scores to be commended. In Science, scores are up 9% from last year with 96% passing and 10% getting commended scores. Social Studies only saw a 2% increase from last year, but this brings the students scores to 100% passing. 31% of students got scores high enough to be commended in social studies. English/Language arts is the only section that saw no increase from last years score, it held steady at 84% passing with 16% commended.

Director of Instructional Services for Hearne ISD, Lynred Hoepfner says, “We are proud of the hard work that Mr. Wells, the teachers, students and administrators have put in this year and excited to see it come to such success.” When asked what she felt brought about this success and how the district plans on continuing this improvement, Hoepfner responded, “It has helped that we continue to look at data throughout the year that helps up keep track of student’s progress, the rigor of the curriculum has been very good for keeping students challenged and of course a lot of hard work by everyone from students to teachers to administrators and staff. It takes every one of us being involved in each student’s education.”

These scores are still preliminary and will not get the official scores for some time. The district is still awaiting the new EOC/STAAR testing results. The administration is hopeful that the scores for these tests will be as good as the TAAKS test.


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