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Every year seems to pass faster and faster, the older you get. Last week we printed the 2012-2013 Graduation section. Looking at all those kids pictures it occurred to me that not only have I been out of school for more than 25 years, but in my career I have now printed an entire round of senior photos. The kids pictures last, well, they would have been in pre-k when I started making newspapers and as you can understand, I have done a graduation section every year.
Each year, I write my column based on graduation, words of advice, thoughts for success, etc. This year I really have only one piece of advice for the graduating classes of Robertson County, Texas… slow down and enjoy it.
Success will come, if you work for it. Money will come when you earn it, but what you can not get back is the freedom to enjoy your life at the age you are right now. You will never again have the summer after graduation so slow down and soak it in.
Plan a trip with your friends for the coast or go camping. Spend these next couple of months before you depart into the world to hang out and enjoy the time, you earned it.
In the past this column was much different so I guess that means that today, I’m different. I did not have the summer after graduation, I enlisted in the US Navy. Don’t misunderstand me, I would not have changed that experience for the world. I’m proud of my service to this country as I’m proud of all the young women and men that choose to serve, I just wish I would have waited a couple more months to see my friends and make that one memory.
High School is a life experience and if you are fortunate enough you will carry with you friendships that can last the test of time.
So, while you prepare for college, the military, trade school or whatever your future plans may hold I will encourage you to sponge off your parents for just a couple of months longer and have a good time.
Seriously, congratulations, it is a life changing accomplishment and you earned it. Now go have fun before someone makes you go to work.

Dennis Phillips / Publisher
Robertson County News

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