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Letter to the Editor,
The purpose of this letter to the paper is to express our gratitude to the Calvert Police Department for their swift action and response on the night of May 25th of this year.
You see, on the night of the 25th my Father and I went to the Exxon in Calvert to purchase some gas and a few other items. When my Father went into the store to pay he somehow dropped his cellular phone on the floor without realizing it. A young lady witnessed this and decided to take advantage of this situation. Instead of making the morally right decision, and informing him that he had dropped his cell phone, this young lady instead waited to see if my Father noticed it on the floor. After a few seconds she kicked the phone closer to where she was standing, at which time a young man noticed it on the floor and picked it up with the intent to find the rightful owner. The thieving youth, realizing that her plan to steal was going to be thwarted by a young man of upstanding character quickly lied to him by stating “That’s mine” while snatching it from his hands.
Seconds later my Father did in fact notice his missing cell phone and upon asking other store patrons if they had seen it were informed of this young woman’s actions. A quick review of the security camera footage showed the phone falling to the floor and only the young thief notice. It was quite clear that no one else could have known who the rightful owner was other than this morally corrupt young lady. We quickly learned the name of the bandit from yet another young man who chose to step forward with information.
We notified the Calvert Police Department and Officer West responded within minutes. Officer West then quickly made contact with someone of acquaintance to the thieving youth and explained to her that if she did not wish to spend Memorial Day weekend in jail then she needed to return the item. This was an acceptable outcome to my Father, even though he could have just as easily pressed charges against her. A few minutes later the cellular phone was back in my Fathers possession and in the end the thief did not even have the dignity to return it herself. No “thank you for not sending me to jail”, not even an apology.
In conclusion we would like to say how thankful we are to the young man who intervened and gave us the identity of the crook, and who helped us get this item back. We thank Chief Nancy Juvrud and the entire Calvert Police Department for their hard work and dedication, and especially Officer West who quickly and efficiently was able to nail this wannabe Bonnie Parker red handed.
Mr. Volney L. Alston III
& Mr. Volney L. Alston IV

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