City of Hearne grants Blackshear $200,000 for improvements

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Plans for an update at the Blackshear School have been set into action by a loan given to the Blackshear Alumni Association. This loan comes with great privilege and hard work.
Blackshear has been approved for a $200,000 loan with performance agreements. The loan will be split into two halves, the first half will be provided when the renovations begin. The second half of the money will be provided after six months. The application for the loan had to have specific requirements in order to be considered. The school had to provide a detailed list of improvements including equipment needed, financial statements for the last few years, financial statements for the last quarter, a map of the property, a business plan, and a tax certificate.
The funds are only available to promote local economic development. The Local Sales Tax Boards are not legally required to fund every project that falls within state guidelines. The application to the 4B Sales Tax Board must be filled out prior to filing a building permit, beginning construction, or expending funds for which assistance is sought.
Blackshear wants to provide a multi-use center by using the Auditorium for multiple events. These events consist of a low cost movie theater, a place for musical concerts, plays, and talent shows, and church uses. They also want to hold cultural seminars, plays and concerts for educational enhancement and bettering the community. Black shear needs immediate assistance to repair water lines, sewer lines and electrical lines on the property. They seating in the auditorium is fifty years old and is in need of repair.
Blackshear promises to enhance the community and provide areas for small businesses to have the ability to create jobs.
Blackshear envisions a Cafeteria that will be able to provide at least one meal for elderly persons at a “deep discounted” price. This has a tentative name of “Just Breakfast” and will be open for that from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.
Their hope is for the junior high building to become an incubator for small businesses to office there and provide revenue for the Blackshear Alumni organization.
The Gymnasium will provide activities such as basketball and volleyball through AAU organizations and others such that it will provide youth in the community the means to participate in organized leagues. This will also be used for other activities the association sees as a profit making venture and allowing it to be used for the organizations yearly dance and after party.
The renovations will be a great improvement to the school and will better the community as a whole.

Suezan Hoskins / Robertson County News

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