Mayor Gomez locks in lower electric rates for Hearne

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As with all commodities, electricity can be lowered by the price of gas. With this in mind Hearne’s Mayor, Ruben Gomez re-entered into negotiation with the city’s electric provider, American Electric Power, securing lower rates for utility customers of Hearne.
Having negotiated a lower rate a little over a year ago, Mayor Gomez recently solidified an even lower rate that will carry the residents of Hearne into 2018. The overall reduction, .02¢ per kilowatt, but customers will not see that reduction all at once or on every bill.
From May 2013 (prorated) to the final bill in December 2014, customers will receive a .5¢ reduction. This reduction will be executed on the final bill in December 2014 and then again December 2015. Customers will get a break on their electric bills, just in time for Christmas.
Beginning January 2016, an additional 1.5¢ will be reduced from a customers annual total and the reduction will be assessed on the final bill of the year, December. See Chart Below.
With this contract Hearne’s mayor has locked in these lower power rates and is nay renegotiable by the City of Hearne. American electric Power cannot raise the rates until 2018. The City of Hearne however always has the right to enter back into negotiations for lower rates as the market dictates.


Dennis Phillips / Publisher
Robertson County News

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