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I don’t really consider the “Best of Robertson County” a contest. By definition it is, however a competition, but I prefer to think of it as a way to promote a lot of local businesses, and give them some positive feedback for all they do for the community.
Business owners get very little recognition, but day in and day out they are at their shops, restaurants or service centers providing for the needs of the people of Robertson County.
Think on it like this, when you need your tire fixed, you say thank you to the local tire company. If you are like me, you needed that tire fixed now, not in a day or two and that is what a local company provides, service.
I’ll give you another example; A few months back I got stuck on the side of the road in a ditch. You may have read that story but had it not been for the response of a local towing company, well, I may have been stuck a long time and I hate getting stuck anywhere.
The Best of Ballot is located inside this week’s paper and will run one more time, next week and I urge you to take a minute and fill out the ballot. The more ballots we receive a more, well rounded outcome we will have.
This year, first place winners not only receive the award certificate, but a nice new banner for their store. I have run this promotion for years in various areas of Texas and nothing looks better than a Best of Banner hanging on a storefront. The business gets a bit of bragging rights for the year as well.
The ballot can also be found online in an editable .pdf file. Just visit our website at and click on current issues. If you scroll down, you will see the link to the ballet. I have posted it on Facebook as well, for all our FB friends out there.
It’s ok if you don’t know everyone; just fill in the ones you do know. You do not have to include your name, as all ballots are counted and recorded.
Remember, the businesses thank you for the votes and appreciate you taking a little time to fill out the ballot. The recognition really does mean the world to them.

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