July Jamboree

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Howdy folks! It’s once again time for the New Baden Jamboree. As you all know it is the oldest on going Jamborees in Texas since 1954, always on the first Saturday of each month. This Saturday, July 6th, is going to be another great New Baden Jamboree Show.
The first group to play is Franklin’s own Charles Ellison who has been performing at New Baden since the beginning. Charles has a smooth voice and a good variety of old and modern country music. Back in the early days Charles has played with several famous entertainers around Texas and a lot of dances throughout his music career.  
The second group to perform is a very special Gospel band “Joyful Noise”. Rene’ and Judy Estrada has some of the most beautiful gospel music around. They also do a very good job of honoring the various armed forces with their music. Every year on the 4th of July they do a special tribute with their music to our veterans of the armed services.
The third band to perform is New Baden’s own Stanley McBride and his backroom pickers. Now folks if you like Bob Wills and old Country Music you need to come and hear this group. Stanley has been an icon at the jamboree seems like forever. Not only is he a good musician and singer but also a pretty darn good auctioneer.
Show starts a 6:00 pm till 10:pm and we start selling hamburgers at 5:00 pm. We serve those famous 1/2 lb hamburgers and all the trimmings and boy are they good. We also want to thank all the folks who come out and support the Jamboree in many different ways. If it weren’t for folks like you there would be no Jamboree and we thank you so much for supporting us through out all these years.


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