Pastry, pies and cookies always help

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Dennis Phillips / Robertson County News

For Terry Paskey and Mark Williamson July 28, 2013 will be a day that they remember for the rest of their lives. It is the day their Mother Eddie Ruth Barnette passed away.
The recent loss for the entire family could be felt on Tuesday at the Franklin Supermarket where they gathered to hold a bake sale. “Everyone,” replied Jennifer Alcorn when asked who had baked the four tables of pies, cakes, cookies and other yummy treats offered for sale. Though a somber moment, the family remained in good spirits while greeting the public and thanking them for their help.
The cause — funeral expenses.
Barnette passed away from a lung disease; the family is in need of help putting their mother to rest. Shoppers milled about the tables, talking with the family before heading in to the local grocery store for their shopping.
The Franklin native family could use your help, and though the bake sale is over a fund, has been set up at Wells Fargo in Franklin. The account is listed under R. Barnette and is open for the public to donate.

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