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Every now and then, a story breaks across the wire that makes me smile. A month or so ago, FEMA announced their denial of funds for the Texas City of West. I’m sure you recall that the city was rocked by a devastating blast when the West Fertilizer Plant, centrally located within the city, exploded.
Gov. Rick Perry along with other lawmakers filled an official request for funds to help rebuild the devastated city. That request was denied, then, recently that denial has been overturned.
President Barack Obama stood by the residents of West and announced that the federal government would be there for the citizens, and it looks as though FEMA will make good on the Presidents statement.
In an outpouring of letters and editorials, FEMA has reversed its decision and will now offer the needed funds to a grateful city.
Once the original decision to deny the fund request was issued, Gov. Perry vowed to appeal the decision and in his press release this past Friday he calls the reversal, “great and welcomed news for the people of West.” Gov. Perry went on to thank the states congressional delegation for “standing with the people whose lives have been forever impacted to move this appeal forward.”
For West Mayor Tommy Muska who once understandably expressed disappointment in the FEMA decision, now has something to smile about. “I know they didn’t make the right decision, but I’m glad they changed that decision,” said Muska in a cell phone interview with The Eagle in Bryan/CS.
With damage sustained throughout the city, hit hard was the West Independent School District, a school district that is now facing back to school, without buildings. According to officials, the school is setting up temporary buildings to welcome students back, though not what they had planned for the start of the 2013 school year, it shows that the little town plans to move forward, one day at a time.
While the struggles of the community of West will be felt for years to come, the town now has something just as valuable as a check from the Federal Government, hope. As they begin to rebuild their lives, they can do so with a renewed faith that the state of Texas, and the Federal Government showed up to do what they said they would do.

Dennis H. Phillips / Publisher

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