FISD pride pals program seeking volunteers to mentor students

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There are children in every school district who need a little extra attention to reach their full potential.
In Franklin there are programs and staff in place throughout the school district to assist children with their special needs. However, district officials understand that some students benefit even more from the extra encouragement and guidance of someone outside of the school setting.
That is where Pride Pals step in.
Pride Pals are volunteers from all walks of life who devote just half an hour each week to mentor a child on the elementary or middle school campus. The “pals” are carefully paired and meet at school weekly to work together on engaging activities developed by the child’s teacher. The time commitment adds up to less than 20 hours a school year. Program officials work closely with volunteers to schedule a time during school hours that best fits their schedule.
“The Pride Pal Program is a mentorship program developed to aid in the growth of students both academically and socially,” said program-founder Christie Smitherman. “Mentoring is an invaluable tool for helping children find the best in themselves and live up to their potential.”
For more information about the Pride Pal program check out “Volunteer Opportunities” on the district website, or contact Katy Rachui,, or at 979-218-3451.

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