Alleged murderer indicted one year later

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Kevin Aundrell Godfrey, 18, of Hearne has been indicted by the Robertson County Grand Jury for the Capital Murder of Charles Workman, 63. In a statement from the Robertson County District Attorney’s office, evidence was presented to the Grand Jury on Tuesday, September 10.
The announcement came as an addition to last week’s regularly scheduled Grand Jury report. Godfrey was left out of the original report so that he could be officially arrested on the charge of capital murder. according to Robertson County DA/CA Coty Siegert.
Workman was found dead in his Hearne home with a gunshot wound to his head. Workman was allegedly murdered on or around September 10, 2012.
Godfrey, currently detained in Brazos County faces arson charges. Investigators believe that Godfrey set fire to Workman’s white 2000 Jaguar the day before Workman’s body was discovered.
At the time of the incident, Godfrey approached emergency workers at the scene of the burning vehicle looking for a ride home. He told officers that his girlfriend had left him at the truck stop located close to the scene. Godfrey claimed to see the emergency vehicles and thought the officers would help him.
Robertson County DA/CA Siegert was prepared to take the case to the Grand Jury in May 2012 but met with delays from the Texas Ranger’s office who asked for multiple extensions for their investigation according to the DA’s office. Once the Rangers investigation concluded and paperwork properly filled, the case could move forward.
The case has been under investigation by the Texas Rangers and local authorities since Workman’s body was discovered in his home.
Workman was an active member in the Hearne community. He worked with many non-profit groups as well as the Texas Justice Network, to help reform Texas prisons.
Capital Murder as defined by the Texas Penal Code is punishable by:
a.Imprisonment in the institutional division for life without the possibility of parole, or
b. Death
If the individual is found guilty and the state does not seek the death penalty:
a.Imprisonment in the institutional division for life without the
possibility of parole
b. However, a certified juvenile is no longer eligible for life without parole.
The DA’s office will not announce if they will seek the death penalty in this case, at this time.
Godfrey graduated from Hearne High School in 2012.

Dennis Phillips - Publisher
Robertson County News

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