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Dear Margaret,
Thanks SO much for sending the two issues of Robertson County News.  I’m sending a scan of the “guess who” ad to my Sister, Diane, and Brother, Gary, in San Marcos. 

It still is quite a coincidence it ran the week that Dad passed away.  I’m sure he would have been amused at that.
Also appreciate the “50 years ago” article, which reported my inclusion on the Student Council.  Gee, I guess this November is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Hard to believe the time has gone so quickly.

We obtained a copy of Robertson County News, which contained my Father’s obituary.  And the family all appreciated the wonderful front-page article about him as a leader in the community.  He was very dedicated to the community and church.  When writing his obit and eulogy I was floored by all the civic organizations with which he had involvement.  In his homily at the Burial Mass Father David mentioned that some sociologists are calling that age group the “Heroic Generation” instead of The Greatest Generation.”  I think so many of these men and women left World War II behind them but kept on duty in their communities.  I know Dad did.
Thanks again, Margaret, for your kindness.  I very much appreciate it.  The newspaper is well done, you folks do a great job.

Best regards, Jim Aalen

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