Rodeo gallops into Hearne

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The Glover Rodeo was a huge success. The parade was Saturday morning and the rodeo events lasted all through the evening. They supplied a lot of yummy food and very friendly staff.

The rodeo is an older event and is well respected among the community.

Glover’s Rodeo started in 1982 and has always been held on the 3rd Saturday in the month of September. The Rodeo was originally held in Madisonville, Texas, home to the Glover family. The spirit of togetherness, the love for family, is the foundation that Melvin Glover pioneered Glover’s Rodeo. It provides the opportunity for the local community as well as out-of-towners to come together not only for a good time; it carries on the tradition and sport of the Rodeo.

More importantly it allows you to escape every day life and just celebrate for whatever you feel needs to be celebrated.

In 1965 Melvin moved to Houston and in 1973 he started Trail riding and purchasing horses. In 1976 he help organized the Trail-riding association named the High Chaparral. His love for the Rodeo grew stronger and in 1980 he built a roping arena in his hometown of Madisonville. Melvin’s love for the rodeo could not be contained, his passion was growing stronger and he wanted others to share. In 1982, he would do so, by having the first Glover’s Rodeo. Melvin knew the importance of family and for this event to be successful; he would depend on his entire family to help him write history. In 1997, the Black Go Texan Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo would honor Melvin.

The 16th Annual Glover’s Rodeo held in 1998 would be recognized for the best barbeques for miles around. Melvin would give all the credit to his younger brother Raymond, who ran the concession stands. In 2001 Glover’s Rodeo attracted its largest crowd ever in Madisonville, but the following year the Rodeo moved to Hearne, Texas. Glover’s Rodeo has sparked much interest in the community, and in 2004, Texas A&M University conducted a tourism survey. The purpose of the survey was to develop on-site experience with identifying of tourism impacts—observe types of visitors and where they may be coming from, why they are visiting this event. Also noted visitor facilities and services, service quality, quality of food services and hospitality of the destination/community/event providers and participants, interactions between visitors and local people and others in the tourism locale, cultural, natural and other (potential) tourism features. This survey consisted of a 65-page report.

Glover’s Rodeo in the future would love to be billed as one of the largest attraction in the state of Texas, and though it has been in existence for more then 32 years, it realizes that is not possible without you, the FAN. It strives to better itself every year, and hope you continue to attend, or plan to attend. Bring a friend and your family for the sake of togetherness, tradition, and history. Glover’s Rodeo look forward to seeing you on the third Saturday of September 2014.

Suezan Hoskins | Robertson County News

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