Target a county official on October 5 at Pioneer Days

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Tired of your washboard road?  Frustrated over a ticket you received from a constable?  Revenge for a good cause may be just around the corner. For a donation of any size, you can “weigh in” to see a pie in the face of a county official. Come to Pioneer Days at the Wheelock Community Center on FM 46 from 9 to 11 am and cast your vote with your cash.

Several county officials have offered their faces as targets including District Clerk Barbara Axtell, DA Coty Siegert, Tax Assessor/Collector Carol Bielamowicz, Commissioner (Pct. 2) Donald Threadgill, Constables Mike Fincher (Pct. 3) and LeAnthony Dykes (Pct. 4), and County Treasurer Mindy Turner.  Each one is collecting money right now to put in someone else’s jar, so if you want to make sure your favorite public official does not receive whipped cream humiliation, give the donation to him or her now.  You can also leave the money in the County Elections Office to either protect or target an official.  The official who ends up with the most money in his or her jar will get a pie in the face.

Opportunities to get money in a jar stationed at the Robertson County CPS Board Pioneer Days booth will end at 11 am on Saturday, October 5.  After the counting, a pie will be hurled.

Donations collected will go to help Robertson County’s 26 kids who have been removed from their parents and either gone into foster care or to the home of a relative.  Christmas is coming soon and the Board makes sure to its kids have not been forgotten.  Every one of the 26 will soon be making out his or her Christmas list (or the caregivers will in cases of our youngest kiddos), and the Board will be going shopping.  Make sure the money’s there to meet those needs.  And watch the pie hit the face.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

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