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You would think I would be writing this column about the government shutting down. You would just think that if you did not live in Robertson County where many would have you believe our local government has run-a-muck.
It has not.
While rumors fly and emails are emailed, the facts just seem to keep getting lost. Well there is a solution to the problem.
Robertson County Judge Jan Roe will address the public in a sort of state of the county address on October 7. She is asking that you submit any and all questions via email to
So I get a lot of email regarding county government as well as all governing bodies in Robertson County. ISD’s, cities, water-boards, etc. and the one thing that always makes me stop and question the validity of a submitted letter to the editor is meeting attendance. Did the letter writer attend the meeting in question?
“If you don’t vote, you should not complain.” or more to the point, “If you don’t attend the meetings, you should not write letters.”
So here is your chance. On October 7 in the District Courthouse, the judge will answer any and all questions you may have regarding the budget, the restoration, sheriff’s office, constables office, garbage collection, janitorial decisions, color of paint for the walls of the historic jail, just whatever your heart desires.
Here is what you need to do:
1. Think up a good question.
2. Email Judge Roe the question
3. Attend the public state of the county address meeting
That’s it. Transparent government hard at work.
Since this is my column I want to add a thing or two.
First and foremost, I have never, in all my years of covering commissioner’s court and writing about County Judges’ have I dealt with one so willing to go out of the way to keep the public informed. Judge Roe is bending over backwards to present to the public any and all documents, answers, comparison charts or whatever else a resident request for this meting. That ladies and gentleman is not only unprecedented, but impressive. And for the record, all notices about meetings from the county are received in this office in a timely manner.
Second, I hope this is the only time our county Judge needs to go this far out of her way. She has far more important things to do than play catch-up for those that do not attend commissioner court meetings. If you have questions, I promise they all get answered at the commissioner’s court meetings. If you cannot attend, this newspaper does attend every meeting and we report, factually, what transpires every meeting.
So here is the deal. Go to this meeting and get it out of your system. I will be there and I will be counting heads as a reference to any future letters to the editor submissions regarding county government.
I do not want you to think that I’m not for questioning government. In fact the opposite, you should never stop questioning your government. But as a resident it is your responsibility to attend the meetings, stay informed and ask informed questions.
You may also fax your questions to 979-828-2944 or just walk them in to the Judges office. Deadline for the questions is Friday, October 4 by 5:00 p.m. I will see you there.

Dennis Phillips / Publisher

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