County closes out eventful year: continues to permit outside burning

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In a brief meeting on Friday, the Commissioners’ Court closed out its business for fiscal year 2012-2013 by approving some final adjustments to the old budget. The panel opted not to re-instate the burn ban in hopes for rain that did, indeed, fall over the weekend.
The Court approved the construction of a pipeline under Mt. Vernon Rd. in Precinct 1 and approved a short invoice listing. Beginning Tuesday, October 1, the County will begin operating on the 2013-2014 leaner budget. Judge Jan Roe has invited those with questions to contact county government officials if they have questions over the new budget or the tax rate.
Two weeks ago, the Robertson County News erroneously reported that stray horses within the Calvert City Limits were causing a problem for city officials in part because officials couldn’t afford to round them up and shelter them, especially if owners do not promptly come to claim them. The article stated that the Calvert Livestock Inc. would charge the city $75 a day to stable and feed the animals, which, according to Calvert Livestock owner Phillip Shafer, is not true at all.
Shafer pointed out that he corrals horses at his facility as a favor to the County. In most cases, the Sheriff’s Department picks up stray horses and advertises that the horses have been transported to Calvert Livestock barn. Typically, says Shafer, the owner of that horse promptly comes to claim the horse. In the meantime, Shaffer confines and feeds the horse at his own expense, even though horses are clearly in the way. The Calvert Livestock barn was not set up to stable horses but to sell cattle.
The only time he charges, says, Shafer, is when an owner does not show up for a long time—weeks, typically. Then he charges $75 for the entire stay, not $75 a day.
Shaffer points out that he is doing a favor to the County by providing space for horses. No one wants to see a horse starve to death or collide with a car, but few organizations are equipped to do anything to save horses. Calvert Livestock, Inc. is doing what it can.

Melissa Freeman / Robertson County News

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