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I have been collecting national impact information regarding the government shutdown, I bet I have a few you did not know about.
You may not get to see the Deadliest Catch this season. Without government officials to set gaming quotas for the famed crab fleet in Alaska everyone is sitting on the dock. As the delay keeps fishermen on the dock, it could mean that you will not be enjoying crab on the dinner plate. As an avid watcher of the show, I can tell you that just a few days of a delayed start for those guys means trouble. Ice packs form north of the crab grounds and begin to move down to cover the fishing grounds. The fleet in 2011 was caught in a major storm forcing many ships to cease operations and occurring costly repairs. After the 2012 season, many in Alaska recovered but still many more were hit hard, a delayed start this year may just shut a few down for good.
While most know that National Monuments are shut down, did you know that the Grand Canyon was included. It’s true, as many as a dozen citations have been issued in Arizona keeping would be lookers from looking. While the canyon itself is a ghost town, Park Rangers have to stop gawkers from gawking at the deepest canyon in the United States. Just move along, nothing to see here folks.
In North Andover, Maine, tourists were told to not recreate the exhibit of bison. When the tourist guide explained that the over sea’s tourist were only taking pictures, they were told to stop as these pictures were a recreation and not allowed while the government was closed.
While the Internet has reported that the government will erect view-blocking sheets at Mt. Rushmore. This is just not true, however according to Park Rangers, cones have been placed at optimal viewing locations to the monument to deter viewing of the closed historic landmark.
I guess Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt and Jefferson needed a nap. Does make you think, what would they have to say about all this? Do not try to get any information from a parks website, those are closed as well.
That’s not the best of it; you know I saved the best for last.
A Nevada couple, retirees Ralph and Joyce Spencer were kicked out of their home in Lake Mead Recreational Area. You guessed it; the Spencer’s live on government land in a nice retirement cabin. Last week they were given 24 hours to relocate themselves and their belongings being told to “clear out and stay out until the government was reopened.”

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