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Part of this job, the job of newspaper publisher, is rumor control. But if you think about that for a minute, how many rumors could possibly be flying around Robertson County that would catch the attention of the local newspaper.

You would be surprised at how many anonymous letters, emails, phone calls and smoke signals we receive every week. Ok, maybe not smoke signals, but you get the point.

Sometimes it is nothing more than a simple misunderstanding, but on occasion the rumor, if allowed to swell, can damage a person’s livelihood, their family reputation and their children.

I received a letter this week with just that sort of rumor contained within. The letter written by an “inmate” at the Robertson County Jail (first flag) was sent anonymously for me to another newspaper (second flag.) The letter spoke of allegation aimed at a local law enforcement officer. These allegations the “inmate” could have no real working knowledge of, but yet, there they were in black and white.

I spent four hours on a Tuesday and over a dozen calls but when all was said and done, the allegations were just not true. The officer in question turned out to be a fine upstanding, recommended representative of law enforcement. In other words, the cop was clean and the letter was a farce aimed at ruining the officer’s reputation.

This particular cop comes highly recommend by several former employers and since employment in Robertson County has done nothing but an outstanding job for this community and the citizens.

Now here is the rest of the story. I want however sent this letter to understand I follow every lead. I track down every person involved and I do not ruin someone’s life based on rumors. In fact, if it were true, I would not be opinionated enough nor egotistical enough to assume that an article could ruin someone’s life. A story in a newspaper should reflect fact; it is up to the reader to make any determination. “Just the facts ma’am,” as the saying goes.

You are a coward to write a lengthy “God, made me write this…” letter that is full of lies and then send it to a newspaper so that it can hopefully ruin someone’s life and you then blame God for writing the letter. That is not the God I know and love. God, did not make you write this letter and mail it to a newspaper, you wrote the letter and maliciously hoped a newspaper publisher would act blindly on it’s content. Well, whoever you are you got the wrong newspaper and wrong newspaper publisher.

If you think you have accomplished something with this letter you have. I have lost 4 hours of prime daylight researching your lies and another 30 minutes writing this column about your lies. The point to this column is simple, we do check out everything we get mailed, delivered, told, emailed and yes, smoke signaled, please do not waste our time and please do not blame God for your lies. God loves you, I however truly have nothing but disdain for liars.

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