Pct. 2 Constable officer tracks Robertson County suspects to Bryan

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On Oct. 17, Robertson County Constable Benny McRea received a call from a Robertson County employee about a suspected theft. The county worker supplied McRea, who was then on vacation, with the location and description for the vehicle and suspects.

The suspects, according to the county worker had looted valuable scrap metals from a piece of property in Robertson County located on Jack Rabbit and FM 2549 that is littered with scrap metal and old vehicles. The land is family owned with a local overseer.

The suspects traveled down Jack Rabbit where more Robertson County employees again identified them. MeRae called in Constable Deputy Paul Shipper. Shipper recently made headlines with an undercover drug sting operation that netted 9 indictments in Robertson County.
Shipper missed contacting the suspects inside the borders of Robertson County by mere minutes, but after receiving information from McRea, the two determined the suspects had two options for selling the stolen materials.

With two locations in Bryan, Texas for scrap metal salvage, Shipper proceeded to the first location where upon arrival found the suspects. Shipper ID’d the individuals and began an investigation into the theft.

Quick reaction time can be attributed to the success in finding the would-be thieve on the part of Constable McRea and Deputy Paul Shipper.

The constable’s office is now working with Brazos County to conclude the investigation.

Ed. Note. It is often the case that suspects do not respect jurisdiction lines and in many cases multiple officers will work cases when county boarders are breached. As recently as just a few weeks ago, Brazos County and Bryan officers were in Calvert at a standoff. A computer and friendship network exists to better help law enforcement protect citizens, all citizens.

Dennis Phillips | Publisher
Robertson County News

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