St. Mary’s Fall Festival was a big success

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Sunday brought joy and happiness to many who attended the St. Mary’s Fall Festival.

The festival was host to many booth and games for children like fishing and ring toss. There were even booth set up for the adults such as a plant walk.

The festival had a huge play area for the kids. It had a double-sided race bounce house where kids enjoyed running, climbing and sliding all day long.

The festival even had a massive auction where items were donated by the community and auctioned off to raise money for the church.

There was some of the coldest beer and the yummiest BBQ sold. There were even booths that had funnel cakes and snow cones.

Even though there was an auction, there were two small stores set up to help raise money as well.

All in all the St. Mary’s Fall Festival was a big success and all the money raised will be a great help.

Suezan Hoskins | Robertson County News

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