Thompson arraigned for murder; pled not guilty

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Trae Deandre Thompson, 27, of Hearne was arraigned this past Monday for the Murder of Hank Johnson. Appointed in July, Thompsons attorney Lonnie Gosch filled a motion for a special investigator to look into the 5-year old case. Thompson’s attorney also requested and was granted a bond reduction hearing scheduled for Monday, Oct. 28. Thompson was arraigned and granted a $500,000.00 bond during Monday’s arraignment.

Thompson pleaded not guilty to the charge of Murder and awaits the bond reduction hearing in the Robertson County Jail.

Thompson was indicted on May 14 by the Robertson County Grand Jury. This hearing formally charged Thompson with the murder of Hank Johnson.

Johnson mother, Sandi Johnson was present in the courtroom for the arraignment. “I have been thinking about this for 5 years, I saw Mr. Seigert yesterday and I have total confidence in his investigation. That is what I have been waiting for, someone I can trust, someone I believe will work for my son’s justice. I think is the man that will pull all of this together,” said Johnson over the phone on Tuesday.

Sandi Johnson, mother of Hank Johnson and legal guardian of his two children now aged 15 and 9, has been actively involved in her son’s case since the beginning.

In July of 2008, Hank Johnson was severely beaten and left for dead at the Executive Inn on Highway 6 in Hearne. Johnson died 11 days later at St. Joseph’s Hospital from injuries sustained during the beating.
“I believe that when he (Siegert) says he is finished with this case, I will believe him,” Johnson said.

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