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It is safe to say that cameras are everywhere. With today’s technology, the quality of cell phone camera meet the required specifications for today’s newspaper printing. This was not always the case.

Back in “The Day,” I remember building ads in what would now be called “the old way.” Literally if the picture of the bananas for the local grocery store ad was too big, graphic designers would have to venture to the dark room and reshoot a reduced PMT (Photo Mechanical Transfer) image, cut it out and glue/wax it down.

Local photographers would venture in and out of the newspaper darkroom. In those days having a job at the newspaper meant having access to a free darkroom and chemicals to process your film. Being the local photographer also meant that you were considered the best in the area, a bit of a status symbol. This status would often lead you, a photographer, getting the lions share of the weddings and portrait photography jobs in the community.

These guys and gals are iconic for me. I can still see the film canister vest and the slugs of cameras draped around the necks of these Jimmy Olsen types. They all seemed to wear a floppy hat to better shield them from the glare of the sun. When they captured that perfect image and you did not use it, whoa nelly, there would be a reckoning in the news room.

Technology has eliminated the darkroom, and that is a shame. Real art came out of those rooms and I miss playing with the paper and enlargers, I could get lost for hours.

Today, a community newspaper relies on everyone with a camera and a desire to take some pictures. From a county judge in Franklin to a local convenience store worker in Hearne, we get so many pictures from so many places, I can not even begin to thank them all.

There are so many home photographers now that it really has made our job easy.

Check this out. We have received photos, for just this weeks newspaper from Coty Seigert for the Republican party chili-supper, Judge Jan Roe from Franklin Football, Michelle Yezak for Bremond Football, Suzi Elliott from the Hearne VFW and the Gause Sugarloaf Mountain, and this list just goes on and on. We thank all of you for sending these to us as we thank everyone that continues to send in stories and photos every week making this newspaper the best in Robertson County.

So who works for the Robertson County News taking photos? It is a question I get asked and really the answer is simple… you do.

I have a lot of great people out everyday taking pictures around the county. Some of these folks do it for the kids and want no recognition for their continued efforts. You can identify these photos by the tag Local Photo / Robertson County News, under each photo. For the most part the photographer did not want recognition for their photo. I’m not going to change this policy at the Robertson County News based on some silly rumor floating around.

That’s right, you can submit photos to us for any event that takes place in Robertson County anytime you want. My email is, just hit the send button from your phone or when you download them to your computer.

Officially who works for the Robertson County Newspaper? Same answer… you do, but my photo manager is Zeke Bermudez. Zeke and Suezan will coordinate photos received vs. photos needed every week, typically on Mondays. Suezan will gather all the photos and work them in photoshop to give to me. While I will make the decision on the front page photos, The community photo page is left up to Suezan. She will combined a lot of photo options from submitted photos to staff photos to choose the 12 we will use in any given week.

In todays world, at some ISD’s both home and away during sporting events we do have to issue press cards and we do. So if any ISD has a question or problem regarding anyone who is flying under the Robertson County News banner, that ISD should contact me directly. I understand the need for campus security, but in my 20+ years I have never had a single problem with any of my community or payroll photographers and I do not expect to ever have a problem.

This is your community newspaper. Hearne, Franklin, Gause, Bremond, Calvert, New Baden and all points in between. It is you, the reader of the newspaper and I, just a humble caretaker. My goals have always been to provide Robertson County with the best community newspaper. Something you can be proud of, something you want your children to be a part of with our sports & education, a newspaper that belongs to the people, for the people, by the people.

Without our community photographers, we could never cover everything, thank you, you know who you are.

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