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Daylight savings time has come and passed and every year the time changeover really messes with my internal clock. I have an internal clock that is pretty accurate. I can tell you within five minutes the time without use of a watch. I’m not bragging, it is just something I have always been able to do.

Twice a year I have to reboot that internal clock and this year was difficult. Here’s the story…

I know that on Sunday at 2am the clocks go back an hour. No problem. To reboot my internal clock I have to find a good clock, one that has been reset and look at it for a few days. But the glitch came about when I realized, I did not know if a clock was good or not. I’ll explain.

These days, clocks reset themselves. My computer reset itself, my truck, my bedside alarm(that threw me off, I had no idea that silly little clock would rest itself), the microwave and many other digital clocks reset themselves. A few however did not.

For me it literally took longer to get on time track than usual because half the clocks in my life reset themselves and the other half did not.

I know what your thinking, wear a watch, but truly I have never had to wear a watch and that use to just drive my father-in-law nuts. Every year for Christmas I would get a watch from him. Out of respect I would put it on and it would make him smile. As soon as I was home, that watch, along with the others landed in a drawer in my dresser where I have a really nice collection of watches. I do not intend on ever wearing a watch, why would I, I know the time and I’m always early. Well, until the clocks change back next year.

Daylight Savings Time really has no place in the modern world. Created to divide the days into 12 hours of daylight versus night, this would allow for working outdoors more consistently. This was a British idea and passed in the House of Commons in 1908. It was in 1918 the Germans enacted DST for WWI. The United States fell into line in 1918.

The world today really has no need for DST. If we want to work in our gardens at 9:00 p.m. and it is dark; go get a spotlight. If you feel the need to tend your cattle an extra hour, then light up the barn. As a matter of fact, modern barns have electricity.

Most people mark time in their own way, but it would seem that most of us tick off the calendar by major events. Teachers have a few events to mark off their year, the start of school, holiday break, spring break, testing, and graduation. Major events that make the year pass faster. The more major events you have the faster a year will go.

For a newspaper guy, it is in weeks or issue numbers. There are 52 issues a year and only 7 remaining in this year. Seven issues left, where has this year gone?
Well, my internal clock is reset and we are heading into holiday season… Ho, Ho, Ho.

Dennis Phillips | Robertson County News

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