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There are many volunteer opportunities in Franklin for anyone who wants to volunteer or for a student who need community service hours for scholarships.

One opportunity is at the Carnegie Library. The job usually consists of weed pulling in the flower beds, straightening books on the shelf’s, helping with the after school programs, and decorating for the season. The contact person for this opportunity is Melanie Redden at (979) 828-4331.

Another opportunity would be at the Franklin food pantry. For this job you would need to show up at South New Hope Baptist Church on a Saturday morning. You would be helping bag groceries, carrying them out to cars, cleaning, and much more.

There are often opportunities for volunteering at every church but you would need to check with your pastor, priest, or youth minister.

The Franklin Nursing Home also has plenty of volunteer jobs for people. These jobs consist of helping out at the evening activities, reading to the residents, popcorn and movie time, bingo, getting to perform music, skits, and etc., and one on one time with residents.

The contact person for this opportunity would be Nikki Callaway at (979) 828-5152. Everyone must complete an interview before volunteering.

Suezan Hoskins | Robertson County News

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