City approves tougher property maintenance regulations

Though changes will not go into effect immediately, the Hearne City Council voted Monday night to strengthen its ordinance “relating to overgrown properties.” Adopting an ordinance similar to Bryan’s, the Council agreed unanimously to fine residents who let their property become trashy and/or overgrown. The new ordinance must be posted and residents given time to learn about the changes, but after due diligence is made, residents can expect to be informed if their properties need to be cleaned up. Residents who do not respond to the warning can expect to be summoned to the Hearne Municipal Court.
In other business, the Council approved the purchase, using 4B funds, of $3,000 in holiday garland for decorating the Depot. Mayor Ruben Gomez explained that, in the past, the City had purchased garland from Walmart and it had started to fall apart after two weeks. This heavy duty garland is guaranteed for five years.
Next, the panel agreed to tentatively accept (pending completion of an appraisal) the donation of 7.409 acres of property behind the Holiday Inn Express and Ama’s from the Hearne Business Park, LLC. City Attorney Bryan Russ explained that the property transfer came with use restrictions that might make it less desirable to the City. On the plus side, it is accessible both from Hwy. 6 (next to the St. Joseph Express Clinic) and from a street off of FM 485. The Council decided it could live with the restrictions and accepted the property.
With all agenda items addressed, the Council adjourned its first December meeting. City Manager PeeWee Drake said that the panel would have to come back on the third Tuesday (the Council usually cancels its second December meeting) because had to complete some grant requirements.

Melissa Freeman \ Robertson County News

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