Hitch-em up in Calvert

The Pike Crazy Horse Riders have a solution for horses running loose in west Calvert. And it’s a workable one. On Sunday, the Riders erected a hitching post in Trojan purple in the park just west of the softball diamonds. Then they scattered hay in preparation for four-legged visitors.
As local hoops wizards heated up the basketball court across the street, the Crazy Horse Riders poured the Quickcrete and secured the hitching post with “Pike” in the middle in honor or Mozelle “Pike” Williams, the rider who, along with fellow rider John Morrow, is remembered every year in June when the Riders hold their annual trail ride around and through Calvert. The hitching post, designed and assembled by master welder James Carter, takes that memorializing a step farther—makes it more tangible. Erected in the spot where the Riders begin their June 29th ride, it provides a way to hitch horses until all the riders are ready.
On all the other days of the year, the hitching post is for anyone with a horse. The Riders and friend and councilperson Bobby Jean Alford hope that horse owners will see the hitching post as an alternative to letting their horses roam Calvert. With hay scattered under and around, it looks like a horse-friendly spot.

Melissa Freeman \ Robertson County News

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