New year filled with resolutions

Are you one of those folks that make a New Year resolution, only to break it a few weeks later. That’s me in a nutshell. I cannot tell you how many times I have failed my New Year resolution. I just seem to get busy and forget to get it done.
As each new year passes, I would like to think my conviction to a New Year Resolution is stronger than previous years, but still the results are the same. Not this year!
I think I have found a New Year’s resolution, well project really, that I can accomplish. It is called the 52-week savings plan. This takes all year to accomplish, but once you do, the payoff is nice.
Here’s what you do.
1. Go get a jar and put a lid on it.
2. For the first week, put in $1
3. For the second week put in $2
4. For the third week, put in $3
… and so on.
The idea is for the corresponding week of the year, you save that amount of money in the jar. You cannot touch the money until you complete the project. On week 52, put in $52.00 then count your money. You should have $1,378.00 in the jar.
Here is a neat chart you can cut out and paste to your jar.
Now I’ll admit I started this project about 4 weeks ago and for the first few day, the list was pretty easy. A buck on day one, two on two, you get the point. By week 9 or ten, it has gotten a little harder.
I’m at week 13 now, and having just been paid last Friday, I will be putting in the $13.00 pretty soon. Now I get paid every two weeks, so I’ll be looking at doubling it up and inserting cash into jar every two weeks This is going to get real tough starting around week 30 or so. So my plan is that by December 31, 2014 to have completed the task, that is really 4 extra weeks, but hey, it’s a lot of money to sock away in a jar.
There are variations; you could use a quarter a day. While that will not yield the same as the dollar you would still have put away $344.50. You can also add a quarter with the dollar; this would give you $1722.50. You get the idea; now I ask what are you going to do with your saved money?
I think I want a vacation, for real like a full 5 days off from work plus the weekend. You could do a lot of vacation for almost $1,400. If my wife wants to come, she needs to get a jar and read this column.
Happy Savings!

Dennis Phillips / Publisher

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