Olympic hopeful needs your help

Jamie Czajkowski is a member of the USA Olympic Powerlifiting team. He needs the communities help to obtain the funds necessary to go the upcoming USA meet, which will be in Denmark, Sweden.
Czajkowski became interested in Powerlifiting after a church youth group event where the youth minister was a power lifter and incorporated his sport in his way of spreading the word of God. Czajkowski was very inspired by this man and helped him decide to pursue the sport and consider being a minister to youth.
Czajkowski was attending Milano High School where the sport was not available. His neighbor, good friend, and coach Craig Jentsch told Czajkowski that if he was truly interested and would dedicate his time in the sport Jentsch would make sure the sport was available to him, which began his training under the direction of Coach Sean Connor.
After a year of training Czajkowski transferred to Rockdale High School. Coach Andre Johnson once shared the same dream as Czajkowski but never had anyone to push him in the right direction. Coach Johnson promised to help Czajkowski every step of the journey.
Czajkowski competed in the 93kg weight class and became the High School State Champion. After that he excelled his winning streak to Texas Teen III State Champion and Region 2 Champion. He was the best proportional Class 3A Bench, won the silver medal at the Men’s Nationals, broke three High School records, a Regional record, a High School State record, a Texas State record, an American record, and a National record.
Czajkowski can squat 623ibs, bench press 496ibs, and dead lift 534ibs, which brings his USAPL total to 1,625ibs.
It is a great honor to be invited to the USA Olympic Team and to represent the country, the state, and Robertson County. He believes that representing “Booger County” makes a big statement and brings recognition to our small county.
Although he would love to be able to pay for the trip to Sweden on his own, being 18 years old and beginning a new job, the $4,000.00 is a little out of reach. Also with funds going to helping his stepmother Dion battle cancer, resources are a little exhausted in his family. So, Czajkowski is turning to his great community for financial support.
Czajkowski is the son of Randy and Dion Czajkowski who are long time residents of Robertson County. His grandmother is Donna Husemann who is a HHS alumni and has been employed at Palmos, Russ, McCullough & Russ, L.L.P. for the past seven years. Czajkowski is also the grandson of Mike and Neva Dick, of Hearne. Mike has worked for the railroad and Neva is employed by Ramona Aguirre.
If you would like to help fund Czajkowski in this great endeavor it would be much appreciated by Czajkowski and his family.
You can drop off a donation to Donna Husemann at Palmos, Russ, McCullough & Russ, L.L.P. located in Hearne at 306 Cedar Street. It is asked that checks be made to Jamie Czajkowski.
Again the help is very much appreciated and will be well earned.

Suezan Hoskins \ Robertson County News

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