Public office means public trust

Call me hopeful, but I believe that if a person is going to run for public office, no matter the office they should be considered pillars of a community. A person with ethics, of moral value and the foresight to understand that if you have a criminal record you should not throw your hat into the public office ring.
Before I get to the meat of this article, I ask you, as a resident of Robertson County and a citizen of the United States, are you willing to vote for a person if they have a criminal record?
I can only answer no. I believe that if a person has a criminal record they cannot serve the public trust. A convicted person, I do not believe, has the moral fiber that I require to be in office. I do not believe a criminal of any status has the ability to serve my family, my friends, and the residents of the county, state and country where I live.
I do believe a person can correct their behavior that led them down a wrong path. I do believe in forgiveness through actions, not words. I make those claims for persons I may meet, not for persons that will run to serve my public interest. Let’s face it, politicians have a pretty bad rap for corruption, do we want to elect one that comes with a criminal record.
I know a man that served in Huntsville on the execution team as the condemned inmate’s minister. He over saw 98 Texas executions and gave forgiveness to each one. He recorded his feelings and descriptions on audiotape when he returned home after the execution was completed. He in my opinion is a hero to see the good among all that is wrong. I will save his story for another time.
While running background checks on the Robertson County candidates list which ran in the newspaper two weeks ago I ran into a file that I wish to share with voters.
On April 2, 2003 James Danny Tarver signed a motion to dismiss agreement in acceptance of a plea agreement that convicted Tarver of a Class C - theft misdermeamor. Tarver was processed on May 14, 2001 for a class B Theft charge in Brazos County. That case was resolved with the fore mention plea agreement.
Mr. Tarver has filled his candidacy for Justice of the Peace in Pct. 3. and will appear on the ballot for the primary election in March. I urge Pct. 3 voters to dismiss this candidate and concentrate your vote on one of the other candidates that are running for this important position.
I employ you not to vote a convicted thief into office. A justice of the Peace’s duties are serious and have a direct effect on you and I. It is an important job, and just because you can file for a position doesn’t mean that you should and in the case of Danny Tarver, he should not.
While I have not finished my complete background check on all the candidates (sorry, I have been very busy with the end of a year at a newspaper,) I can assure you I will conclude my candidate investigations soon and report my findings within this article.
Out of respect of the office and respect for the residents of Robertson County, Mr. Tarver, I ask that you withdraw your name from the ballot and encourage you not to run for public office.

Dennis Phillips / Robertson County News

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