Riding a natural high

Fresh off their domination of the Cotton Christmas Classic, where they went 6-0, the Mumford Mustangs are riding a natural high.  They are on a path that is familiar to many team members. It’s a road they have been down before, so the route is definitely one they know all too well.    
For most teams it would be a great feeling to be ranked number 1 in the State. However, Mumford has been there before, two years as a matter of fact. But after losing their 2nd State Title game, this is nothing special.  Although, to this reporter, it speaks volumes for the type of program Coach Chris Sodek has installed at Mumford. This is the 3rd consecutive year the Mustangs have been the talk of the State and they have done nothing to disappoint us so far this season.  Roaring out to an early 21-1 record, they have not hurt their case at all. So being ranked number 1 is an honor but no big deal to these Mustangs.
Led by seniors Aubrie King, Braxton Haynes, Dion Mack, Justin Shannon, Nick Scamardo, and Seth Smitherman, the Mustangs are playing like a team determined to get a State Championship before they graduate. Based on their resumes, they deserve to have a title to show for the excellence they have displayed throughout their careers, 99-3 over the past three seasons.  So, go Mustangs, best of luck in the New Year and may it bring that long awaited State Title.  Snook, along with Somerville and Iola, could pose as obstacles; the Mustangs must overcome in district play.
The Mustangs had a Friday match with the Moulton Bobkatz at Moulton. The Bobkatz were 6-5 with losses to Mumford’s district rivals, Somerville and Snook. In no surprise, the Mustangs routed the Bobkatzs, 74-49. Haynes had 2, Shannon 10, Hyson 22, Mack 20, Powell 2, King 16 and Morris 2, in the win. Shannon with 11 and Hyson with 13 led the Mustangs in rebounding, while King led in assists with 6.
Mumford plays Holland Tuesday at home in a non-district contest before starting district play on Friday, Jan. 10, against Iola.

Michael Cotton / Robertson County News

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