Tactical training for county peace officers

On December 18, 2013 many Robertson County Peace Officers attended the Robertson County Multi Agency Firearms Program held at the Hearne Firing range. There were over 20 peace officers that volunteered their time to learn new and different tactical situations. Among the attendees were Officers from Bremond, Calvert, Franklin, and Hearne Police, Tactical Paramedics with Robertson County EMS, Constables from all precincts, DPS officers, game wardens, and even the Sheriff.
This Particular session focused on motor vehicles and guns. Peace officers were shown which parts of cars were more safe then others to take cover and for concealment. They learned how to best shoot in and out of cars. They got to sit inside of the cars and actually have some hands on training. There were two cars available at the session; a Crown Victoria and a Chevy Beretta, both provided by Penick Wrecker Service.
The Robertson County Multi Agency Firearms Program is holds a session once a month at the Hearne Firing Range for all county peace officers to attend. The sessions are usually in the middle of each month’ usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. It is not required for the county peace officers to attend, but is a very informative and fun session.
Instructor Craig Leath believes the foundation of the Robertson County Multi Agency Firearms Program is camaraderie. He believes that it is important for all of the Robertson County Agencies to come together.
According to Constable Benny McRae of Precinct 2, who was among the many in attendance, the session was very informative and was a great learning session for the younger and newer members of the peace officers.

Suezan Hoskins \ Robertson County News

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