Calvert City Council initiates Police Chief “conditions”

The Calvert City Council met in special session Tuesday evening to review the performance of Police Chief Nancy Juvrud and agree to settle out of court pending litigation involving a former police officer.
In the “reports” section, City Superintendent Kevin O’Carroll reported that dollar stores construction was well underway, that he was waiting for oil mix to finish the city’s paving projects, and that 10 major water leaks had occurred during the recent freeze and all had been quickly repaired. Chief Juvrud proposed that the city develop an ordinance that would require all horse owners to register their animal with an accompanying photo so that horses on the loose could be identified and returned.
After minutes and payables were approved, the council heard from Calvert resident Randy Billingsley. Speaking for himself and the five accompanying him, Billingsley said that Chief Juvrud had done a good job—better than any other Calvert police chief in recent years, and he hoped the council would not consider her termination.
Next, the Council tabled a request from the City of Hearne asking Calvert to join in a resolution requesting the re-opening of the Hearne-based vehicle registration office. The Council decided it needed more information before making a decision.
About 20 minutes into the meeting, the Council went into executive session and returned an hour later.
At that time, City Attorney Bryan Russ recommended that the City settle a law suit filed by former Calvert Police Officer Kent Griffith out of court—accepting the settlement offer tendered by Griffith’s attorney. The Council voted unanimously to do so.
Last, Councilman Barry Satterwhite proposed that O’Carroll and Mayor Marcus Greaves draw up a list of conditions by which Chief Juvrud would be evaluated and that those evaluations occur every 30 days. The Council voted 4 to 1 with Councilperson Gilsie Wiese casting the “no” vote to accept Satterwhite’s proposal. With all agenda items addressed, the Council adjourned.

Melissa Freeman \ Robertson County News

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