City approves increasing Municipal Court fines

First on the city Council agenda was to add handicap parking on N. Center Street. Bob Jarvis was present at the meeting to tell the city Council how important it was to have the additional handicap parking. The Council approved adding the handicap parking and repainting the parking stripes on N. Center Street.
The next thing the Council discussed was the Methodist Church drainage issues and handicap parking. The Council agreed to meet with the church officials to discuss what can be done before doing anything further.
The third item on the cities agenda was to approve a 14-foot by 48-foot mobile home to be moved on to a lot on Wheelock Street in Franklin. Council member Molly Hedrick pointed out how confusing the current ordinance is on the size of the allowed mobile homes, but the rest of the Council agreed that Jason Clay’s mobile home was no issue to move on to the lot. Along with approving the mobile home, the Council approved updating the ordinance.
The fourth thing on the Franklin City Councils agenda is to approve paying for the city’s fire engine repairs. The repairs cost $1800, and the city approved to pay it.
The next item on the agenda was a request of annexation by Ross Bush. Bush is requesting the city expand a half of a mile towards Hearne. He is purchasing the RV Park on Hwy 79 and wanted to know what all he needed to have the annexation completed. Bush plans on returning to the February Council meeting with a formal presentation. Hedrick, along with the city engineer Steve Duncan helped shed some light on the situation. One obstacle Bush will have to overcome is to get the people who own the land in-between Franklin City limits and the RV Park to agree with the annexation process. There will also have to be some agreement made between the city and Robertson County Water about servicing the area because Robertson County Water has the right to service that area.
The sixth item on the agenda for the city Council meeting was a property drainage issue on Dick Maris’ land. The Council discussed possible solutions but agrees to wait to make any final decision. They believe that the issues could be solved by the railroad, and are waiting their reply.
Next the Council approved the Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly HOT request with out any hesitation.
The eighth item up for discussion was the approval to purchase a new garbage truck and to approve the Park and Nursing Home well repairs. Brandon Roark was present to help with the decision on which garbage truck was suitable for the city. The Council chose a freightliner for $216,000. Roark told the Council that with the new garbage truck they would save money on the fuel and ware and tare on the vehicle. The Council agreed to buy the new truck because the city is in need of it.
Next Roark suggested that the Park and Nursing Home well pumps be pulled out of the ground and a new pump be put in place. The Council was a little weary to make this approval in the hopes that the existing well pumps could be repaired. Roark expressed that fixing the existing wells would be a little difficult considering the Park pump was not getting any electricity and the Nursing Home Wells is burnt up. The city approved that the Park and Nursing Home Well pumps should be replaced and the wells can be dug deeper.
The final agenda item of the evening was to update and take action on the increasing Municipal Court Fines. Shirley Smith the city secretary suggested that since the state went up $2.10 on fines that the city increase to $3.00 more. For example if you run a red light you are no longer paying $153, you are paying $156. Also if you drive around a school bus with its flashing lights on the fine increased from $350 to $500. The Council approved the fine increases.
With all items addressed on the agenda the Franklin City Council adjourned the meeting at 7:07 p.m.

Suezan Hoskins \ Robertson County News

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