Everywhere you look is another sign

Politically speaking, signs seem to pop up everywhere. Candidates flock to area sign businesses and work very hard at getting those signs in the right locations.
Over the years, I have been asked to display these signs at the newspaper office and I have always stayed out of the sign game, but I think I will change my tune.
I’m offering all you political candidates the opportunity to display your sign in our windows. That’s right, you can take advantage of our huge windows located at 3rd and Magnolia Street in downtown Hearne, right across the street from Ace Hardware.
Why? I want to help out and more importantly; I want the newspaper to help. It has occurred to me that these folks running for office are more than just political hopefuls; they are our neighbors and friends. I believe that everyone running for office has the best interest of this county at heart.
To run for political office, locally speaking’ means to put yourself out in the public spotlight. It’s like waving a big flag saying, “I can do better, I want to help you.” Well, I want to help those that want to help us. Make sense?
The Robertson County News is publishing a special Election Guide for the primaries in an upcoming issue.
Political candidates should have received the questionnaire, if you have not please contact the news office at 979-279-3411. It is important, even if you do not have an opponent, to please participate in this project. It is important for voters to learn about the candidates before they head to the polls.
Voters be sure to catch a copy of the election guide. Early voting begins on Feb. 18, and the guide will be published in the Feb. 20 issue of the Robertson County News, so there will be plenty of early voting time left.

Dennis Phillips / Publisher

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