America the Beautiful

While the Super Bowl may have been a blowout and as entertaining as watching moss grow on a rock, the over-priced prime-time commercials can be entertaining. You have your favorites and then you have your favorite flops, so I think I will start with the flops.
Top of my FAILed commercial list for the Super Bowl ads, Coke with their multi-language version of American The Beautiful. The commercial opens in English, but quickly changes to Spanish, then on to another language and so on throughout the entire song.
America is a melting pot; this is unquestioned. I get what they are trying to accomplish, I just think they failed to get the message across. Instead Coke offered a confused commercial that left viewers asking, “what was that.”
FAILed commercial number two: Chevy offers up a commercial about a man, and his prized bull. The message is lost once you see that the objective is to find the bull a lady friend. Not sure how this was suppose to sell Chevy trucks, but having been raised on a farm, I know what that rancher was up to.
Winners: I was rolling on the floor when the phone rang at the Radio Shack. “The 80’s called and they want their store back.” Directly following, star iconic members of 1980 movies, TV series and sports collectives invade and destroy a Radio Shack. This was a very creative way to re-launch the new look for the electronics chain. Machete wilding Jason Voorhees takes out the lights while Hulk Hogan removes the shelves. Outstanding.
While Budweiser again found it’s way to the top five Super commercials, my second favorite is the Doberhauhau presented by Audi. You forget this is a car commercial as the new bread of dog terrorized Sarah MacLauchlan’s guitar (she has done a lot of rescue puppy spots in the past) as well as a town. Fantastic and funny, this commercial really got me going.
So there you have it, the best of the Super commercials as I saw it, if you missed them and would like to check them out, head over to where they will feature them for the next few weeks.

Dennis Phillips / Publisher

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