Officers raid illegal gambling operation

Robertson County Constable Benny McRae along side Robertson County investigators have been working to uncover local illegal gambling operations within the County. Saturday, February 1, McRae and other unnamed officers enter 1101 S. Market St. (formerly J&R Wings) with two warrants. While no arrests were made at the time, players were identified and released.
Information surrounding the gambling operation began pouring in from citizens to McRae as early as last summer. An undercover officer used high-tech surveillance equipment to infiltrate the location as a player, recording payouts and system operations of the establishment. It took the officer a little time just to be allowed to play but according to McRae, patience paid off.
During the February 1 raid, the County seized 43 8-liner machines along with other gambling paraphernalia with an estimated value of $50,000.00 based on value search online. Officers also seized an undisclosed amount of cash.
Suspicious actions from this location including the sale of narcotics as well as prostitution are also under investigation at this time.
While this operation is still under investigation, the Constables office made mention that several other location within Robertson County are under the watchful eye as more cases are being built to shut down illegal gambling in Robertson County.
8-liner machines are considered illegal gambling machines when payouts are for cash value or gift cards. Many illegal operations will circumvent the law by paying out tickets that are redeemed for cash so the machines appear to be for entertainment purposes. For more than 10 years, the state of Texas has defended the definition of the 8-liners as this penal code has been test in appelit court.

Dennis Phillips / Publisher

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